Paet, Kerry Sign Cyber Cooperation Agreement ({{commentsTotal}})

In Brussels yesterday, Foreign Minister Urmas Paet and US Secretary of State John Kerry signed a joint statement on cooperation on cyber issues.

"The world is very competitive. If we are successful in being visible in some area, then direct bilateral cooperation with the US on these issues will help strengthen this image," Paet told ETV.

Kerry said: "This is an effort that guarantees that a country like Estonia, which has been a greater partner in fighting for Internet freedom, is going to help us to build our law enforcement capacity, education capacity, civil society, and provide unfettered access to people, to the social media and the Internet, even as we manage complex problems in the Internet."

Paet and Kerry were attending a meeting of NATO foreign ministers, focusing on the future of Afghanistan. The two-day meeting continued today with Russian relations in the spotlight.