ETV Sports Anchor Vows World Cup Will Be Shown ({{commentsTotal}})

Longtime ERR sports desk head Marko Kaljuveer emerged from a 90-minute meeting with ERR brass victorious, despite media reports earlier in the day that he was going to be fired.

Kaljuveer portrayed the essence of the meeting as a substantive discussion with ERR director Margus Allikmaa over whether ETV would show the World Cup and other major sports competitions.

The possibility that ERR may bow out of covering the events due to budget issues has many sports fans in Estonia in an uproar.

Kaljuveer vowed that he would fight to bring the World Cup, held in Brazil next year, to the ETV screen.

"I will certainly fight here in-house for showing the World Cup and one thing is sure - World Cup action will be seen on ETV and this is in fact my goal."

Allikmaa intimated after the meeting that funding would be found, reported.

Kaljuveer was further quoted as saying: "It's clear that ERR needs additional funding and the financial model has to be reviewed and discussed. Tensions are always inflamed when money is short."