Tiidus Seeks to Restore Trust with Creative Unions ({{commentsTotal}})

The freshly appointed minister of culture, Urve Tiidus, said she hopes to restore trust to the relationship with creative unions following the scandal that drove her predecessor out of office.

"Trust can be restored by getting together in one room, talking with everyone present and expressing our standpoints," Tiidus told uudised.err.ee.

"All these issues that have been in the media recently - I will not circumvent them," Tiidus said.

When Rein Lang resigned as culture minister on Monday, he claimed in an address to Parliament that the creative unions had conspired with the Social Democratic Party to pressure his removal from office.

He said the unions - representing writers, artists and composers - historically held socialist views.

In response, the head of the Estonian Writers' Union, Karl Martin Sinijärv, said: "The previous minister's farewell speech may have left the impression that his office requires dealing with dubious trade unions whose desires have no limits. I know that in reality creative people understand very well the limits of today's possibilities in satisfying needs and which possibilities could be discussed in the longer perspective."

He said the new minister should meet with the unions more regularly than her predecessor and keep a more open mind.

"Every new minister should ideally learn from her predecessor, adopting his strengths and avoiding his weaknesses," Sinijärv said.