EU's Neighborhood Policy Has Failed, Say Estonian Commentators ({{commentsTotal}})

The Eastern Partnership has failed, and EU lacks a unified vision for Ukraine, said an MP and a political observer on ETV.

“Ukrainian society is very divided, and not only in two [...] The recent democratic elections have done nothing to close the divide. Various problems piled up and the decision not to sign the association agreement was just the last straw,” MP Mart Nutt (IRL) said, speaking on ETV today.

He added that corruption is an extensive problem in Ukraine, reaching all the way up to the President's family, while Russia has also a big role to play in the nation's politics.

 Ahto Lobjakas of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute said EU's Neighborhood Policy is ten years old, and its goal of surrounding itself with friends has failed – all the way from Algeria to Belarus.

Ukraine is not ready for such a drastic economic change, that the association agreement would have meant, said Lobjakas, adding that officials in Brussels are also probably happy, as the agreement would have meant that in five to 10 years, the issue of Ukrainian EU membership would have become an issue .

Nutt said that some members of the EU find it unthinkable for former Soviet republics other than the Baltics to join the union.


Correction: Ahto Lobjakas did not suggest that an association agreement with Ukraine would have led to accession in 5-10 years; however, it would have come up as an issue within that timeframe.