This Weekend's Weather: Estonia Spared From Storm Xaver, Otherwise Colder ({{commentsTotal}})

Hurricane-force Storm Xaver, which caused fatalities and havoc across northern Europe on Thursday and Friday, is becoming too weak and passing too far south of Estonia to create much trouble for the country.

According to the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute's latest forecast, however, the system's movement through Lithuania toward Russia is likely to trigger widespread snowfall in Estonia on Saturday. Wind speeds are expected to reach the 10 to 30 kilometer per hour range in most of the mainland, slightly higher on the north coast and islands, leading to the possibility of drifting snow.

Daytime temperatures on Saturday should be -3 to +1 C, but at night will drop to as low as -10 C in places.

Conditions on Sunday are expected to calmer, with both precipitation and wind speeds tapering off. It will also be markedly colder, with the mercury hovering in the -7 to -2 C range by day and plunging to -12 C at night.

Current indications are that temperatures on Monday and Tuesday will fall even lower, but will return to 0 C by the middle of the week.