Human Rights Day Observed ({{commentsTotal}})

Human Rights Day, observed around the world today, was marked in Estonia with a rights-related conference and a benefit for refugees.

In the culmination of a week of human rights events, the Estonian Institute of Human Rights is today holding its annual conference, examining the global developments of human rights in 2013.

The topics under discussion at the Tallinn gathering include tolerance, crimes against humanity, the role of NGOs in authoritarian and totalitarian states, and the human rights implications of counter-terrorism measures.

A study was presented that concluded that Estonians are generally tolerant with respect to religious issues, although critics of that assertion also spoke up at the event.

Yesterday, two other local NGOs, the Human Rights Center and the Estonian Refuge Council, held a benefit for refugees at the capital's Estonia Concert Hall.

The event was attended by a number of high-level foreign diplomats and the funding that was raised will go toward a new accommodation and training center for refugees that is to be opened in Tartu.