Local Artist Paints 100 Portraits of Culturally Significant People ({{commentsTotal}})

Pärnu artist Vello Paluoja has painted his hundredth portrait of culturally significant people in Estonia, a project which he took on as a hobby.

The latest two, portraits of Lydia Koidula and Friedrich Kreutzwald, were unveiled at the Pärnu Kuninga street primary school, an institution which many well-known Estonians attended, including former president Konstantin Päts, ETV reported on Tuesday.

Paluoja said that he began painting the portraits a decade ago as a hobby, although he has sold two to a museum in Tallinn. A number of his portraits can be seen at the Tartu Literary Museum.

Besides the 100 paintings, Paluoja, who is also a calligrapher, has had his other work depicted in a number of other exhibitions.