This Weekend's Weather: Calmer, But Still Breezy ({{commentsTotal}})

The strong winds that battered Estonia late Thursday and early Friday are dying down, but will not completely disappear as the weekend begins.

Eastern counties can still expect breezes gusting up to 50 kilometers per hour tonight, according to the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute. In areas where the skies are clear, overnight temperatures should range from -7 to -2 C.

As day arrives on Saturday, a new low-pressure trough coming in from the Baltic Sea will create increasingly cloudy conditions in western areas, but no precipitation is expected. Temperatures should be -4 to 0 C inland, +2 C on the islands. Later at night, snow may come to Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. Temperatures overnight should be -6 to -1 C on the mainland.

Another active low-pressure zone coming from the direction of Norway is expected to bring in moisture on Sunday, which should fall as rain on the islands and snow and sleet inland. Temperatures are expected to rise as evening approaches, reaching +1 to +4 C in the western part of the country. In central and eastern Estonia, however, they should remain down in the -3 to 0 C range. Likewise, the evening is supposed to bring rain and sleet to most of the country, but snow to the east.