Archbishop Declares Christmas Peace ({{commentsTotal}})

On Sunday afternoon, Archbishop of the Lutheran Church Andres Põder declared Christmas Peace in Estonia, an old Scandinavian tradition meant to deter disorder during the holidays.

It was also the third Sunday of Advent.

As per tradition, the archbishop gave an annual address to a crowd gathered by a Christmas tree in the town center of Jõgeva.

The town's city council chairman and mayor participated in a candlelighting ceremony and Speaker Ene Ergma was present to represent Parliament.

"Christmas Peace is a gift," Põder said.

"So long as there are victims of injustice, starving and abandoned children, forgotten elderly and others in need of help in society, no person or institution can be truly happy or at peace. Christmas begs for good deeds and reconciliation, creating a safe family and community."

Christmas Peace runs through the 12 days of Christmas, with January 6 as the last day.