This Week's Weather: Dark and Damp ({{commentsTotal}})

With the already paltry amount of daylight shrinking even further in the run up to this weekend's winter solstice, the latest weather forecast gives little hope of any flurries that would brighten the landscape.

According to the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute, the coming days are expected to be damp and windy, with temperatures mainly stuck just a few degrees above the freezing point.

Monday's unseasonably warm weather, which included readings above +5 C, should give way to windy conditions overnight, when gusts of over 80 kilometers per hour hit the coasts.

The winds should calm somewhat by the middle of Tuesday, but will still be fairly strong. Rain and sleet are in the cards for the day, with a temporary lull around noon. Daytime temperatures are expected to be +2 to +6 C, dropping to -2 to +2 C at night.

Wednesday, by contrast, should be mostly clear, thanks to the brief appearance of a high-pressure front. The mercury should remain in the 0 to +3 C range by day. Overnight, the air should cool to -3 to +2 C as a new, active low-pressure system heads in from Norway.

That front should bring rain and sleet to the western areas of the country on Thursday, which may come down as snow in the east. Temperatures should continue to float around the -1 to +2 C zone throughout the day.

A bit of snow could hit inland areas on Friday, when more moisture is due to arrive and daytime temperatures range from 0 to +4 C.