Estonia Still Leads Eurozone in Inflation ({{commentsTotal}})

Despite the easing of consumer price increases in recent months, Estonia still leads the Eurozone in inflation.

The average annual inflation in November was 0.9 percent in the Eurozone and 1 percent in the EU, Eurostat said today.

Estonia's year-on-year increase was 2.1 percent, according to Eur0stat - contrasting with the 1.5 percent reported by Statistics Estonia.

Finland came second with 1.8 percent and Germany was third with 1.6 percent in the Eurostat tally.

Latvian prices were 0.3 percent lower than they were in November 2012 while Lithuania saw a 0.5 percent increase.

Estonia has led in inflation since EU accession with the exception of only a couple individual months.

The Harmonized Index of Consumer Prices is the method used at the international level.

Estonia's CPI increase in both November and October was the lowest since 2010.