Crime Briefs: Six Years for GHB, Jewelry Robbery Suspects Apprehended ({{commentsTotal}})

Harju County Court has sentenced a man to six years in prison after he was caught in possession of 121 grams of GHB at Tallinn's passenger port last summer.

Maykl Uusaed, 29, was arrested on his birthday, June 22, reported He had been sleeping at Terminal D when a security guard woke him up at 22:00.

Intoxicated, Uusaed wanted to board a ferry to Finland, but after starting to sing and being unable to communicate properly with guards, he was frisked and found in possession of the drug.

Previous crimes were taken into account in sentencing.


Police on December 11 arrested three men suspected of two jewelry store robberies in Tallinn this month, reported

The first robbery took place on December 3 on Sütiste tee and the second on December 11 on Punane tänav, with the perpetrators making off with an estimated total of 40,000 euros worth of gold jewelry.

In both cases, the men were masked, entered the store at 16:00, and used hammers to smash showcase windows.

In the second incident, when there were just two robbers, a bystander tried to stop one of them, leading to a tussle, but both managed to escape.

Authorities said they are comparing previous robberies to determine whether there are further suspicions.

Only of the three men - aged 46, 56 and 38 - has previously been convicted. That suspect is also in the middle of a court case in Finland, where he is charged with armed robbery.