'Elections' and 'Tallinn' top Google's most searched lists for 2013 ({{commentsTotal}})

Google has revealed the most searched items in Estonia this year, with "Tallinn" in fourth place after institutional searches such as "Facebook" and "YouTube," while "elections" made the biggest increase since last year.

Media outlets Postimees and Delfi also made the top ten, Google recently revealed.

"Tallinn" has been in the top 10 most searched word ranking since 2008, while "Tartu," "Eesti" and "Estonia" have all featured.

The most searched events category was also dominated by the October 20 local elections, followed by the Robbie Williams concert, Eurovision 2013, Eesti Laul 2013 (the qualifying competition for Eurovision) and the Gumball 3000 rally.

"How to kiss" was the most googled "how to" question in Estonia, followed by "how to write an essay" and "how to write an application for something." Creating a webpage and sushi were also on the list.

In the "why" ranking, a question on cats purring came on top, followed by the very Estonian question "why are you silent?" The next three most popular why questions were on men cheating, roosters crowing and cats biting.

"Love" dominated the "what is" category, followed by "happiness" in second, "culture," "music" and "society."