Ansip Calls on EU Leaders to Increase Defense Spending ({{commentsTotal}})

At a European Council summit on Thursday, Estonia's Prime Minister Andrus Ansip said that EU states must take defense cooperation development more seriously, and increase defense spending.

“Decreasing defense expenditure has a direct impact on the reaction capability of European states,” Ansip said, speaking in Brussels, adding that the principle of "more is less" does not apply to the defense sector.

The PM said that the Council's defense summit meeting is sending a message to allies across the Atlantic Ocean.

He also called on countries to intensify cooperation, adding that the Baltic and Scandinavian countries have shown the way in seeing through joint procurements to purchase military equipment.

Cyber defense was also mentioned by Ansip, who said that EU members, in cooperation with NATO. should hold more cyber defense military exercises.

The European Council, which consists of the heads of state of the 28 member states is meeting in Brussels on Thursday and Friday to discuss the union's defense policy for the first time in five years.