This Weekend's Weather: Wind, Some Rain ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

The very un-Christmaslike temperatures of recent days are set to continue through the weekend, with high winds and occasional rain added to the mix.

A convergence of high and low pressure systems is expected to bring cloudiness and a bit of rain late Friday night and early Saturday morning, according to the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute.

That precipitation should taper off by Saturday morning as the effects of a high-pressure zone become stronger. The lull, however, is expected to be temporary – a new system moving in from Norway is supposed to hit during the day, bringing winds that gusting over 50 kph. By evening, those gusts could reach 70 kph on the coasts. The first waves of rain should make landfall on the islands in the afternoon, with the sort of clouds that could bring showers, possibly sleet, spreading over the mainland a few hours later. Temperatures during the day should be +2 to +5 C, changing very little after dark.

Winds are expected to weaken in the early hours of Sunday, but by daybreak the next weather wave will arrive. It should bring the occasional shower of rain or sleet, but the real story will again be the high winds, which are expected to increase through the day, reaching speeds of 65 kph inland and 90 kph in coastal areas late at night. Around the clock, temperatures should range from +2 to +6 C.