Estonians' Trust in EU Highest Among Member States ({{commentsTotal}})

Trust in the European Union among Estonians has increased by 10 percentage points in six months and is now tied with Bulgaria for the top spot.

According to freshly released figures from Eurobarometer, 56 percent of Estonians said they tend to trust the union with 33 percent saying they do not. The figure for Bulgarians was also 56 percent, followed by Malta and Lithuania, with 52 percent each.

Cyprus and the UK bottomed out the list with 17 and 19 percent, respectively.

The union-wide average of 31 percent has not increased since the previous study half a year ago, but is well below the score of around 50 percent reached before the financial meltdown.

Two-Thirds of Estonians said they are optimistic about the future of the union, far higher than the EU average of slightly over 50 percent.

The largest national level concerns across the 28-member union were unemployment (49 percent), followed by the economic situation (33 percent) and inflation (20 percent). Estonians named the same three issues, but in reverse order: inflation (50 percent), economic situation (33 percent) and unemployment (31 percent).

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