Mobile Phone Sales Off Last Year's Pace ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Mobile phone sales in Estonia were down in November, more than 10 percent lower compared with the year before.

A total 31,600 units were sold, about 4,000 fewer than in November 2012, according to a study by merket researcher GfK.

Among the findings, sales were down in both smartphone and ordinary mobile phone categories.

Smartphone sales were 20,700 in November 2012, but just 19,400 last month. By contrast, they had beat last year's figures for the three previous months, although total phone sales were down.

Tele2 Eesti communication director Hans Saarvelt blamed the decline on people putting off purchases in hopes of a special holiday offer.

The average price for phones bought in Estonia in November was 191 euros, holding steady from October.

Phone prices have stabilized and are unlikely to come down much further, said Saarvelt. But as was the case in most markets, more screen size was available per euro.