Private Banks Stopping Kroon Exchange in 2014 ({{commentsTotal}})

Swedbank and SEB, the nation's two largest private banks, will no longer exchange Estonian kroons for euros from the beginning of the new year.

Those sitting on stacks of the currency will have to travel to Tallinn to change kroons for euros at the Eesti Pank Museum, but that offer is indefinite.

At the beginning of November, 767 million kroons, worth 49 million euros, was still in circulation, with 15 percent of that in coins.

A total of 318 million euros worth was exchanged in 2011, when the Estonia switched to the common currency, but only 3.5 million euros was swapped last year and 1.8 million in first eleven months of 2013.

In January and February, Latvian lats may be exchanged for euros at the museum, although daily limits of apply.

An exhibition of Latvian currencies was opened at the museum in Tallinn, and will run until the end of February next year.