Ilves Joins Counterpart for Euro Ice Cream ({{commentsTotal}})


President Toomas Hendrik Ilves made good on his pledge to join Latvian head of state Andris Bērziņš for ice cream as a good neighborly photo op illustrating the country's changeover to the euro.

"I believe that Latvia's continuing diligence will make the entire Eurozone stronger as a responsible country that follows the commonly agreed rules has now joined," Ilves said from in Rūjiena, Latvia.

"It will certainly make Estonia and Latvia closer in the economy and tourism sectors, and of course cross-border relations between northern Latvia and southern Estonia, especially in historical Livonia. I hope especially that relations between Abja and Ruhja, Viljandi and Volmari will become closer," he said, using the Estonian names for Rūjiena and Valmiera.

President Bērziņš gave the Estonian president a complete set of the Latvian euro coins, while Ilves gave Bērziņš Estonia's first two euro souvenir coins.