Accidental Deaths Drop to 'Lowest in Decades' ({{commentsTotal}})

The overall number of people killed in fires, accidental drownings and traffic fatalities dropped to the lowest in decades last year - 186 - reported.

The greatest drop was in fire deaths - decreasing by seven to remain under 50 for the first time ever.

Rescue Board official Indrek Ints told the news site there were fewer building fires as well

Drowning deaths did increase from 48 in 2012 to 56 this year.

Traffic accident fatalities decreased from 87 to 83, and injuries from 1,723 to 1,664.

Authorities had hoped for a better year after a encouraging start with only four people dying on roads in the first two months, and none in March, the first ever fatality-free month after World War II. Twenty-nine people died in traffic accidents during the first three months of 2012.