Estonians Spending More on Holidays, but Selection of Packages Unlikely to Improve ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia's outward bound tourism market has reached a mature stable phase, say tour operators and travel agents.

Two trends are expected to continue: Estonians are buying more holiday packages at higher prices, and the market will remain too small for new players to enter or charter jets to fly direct to destinations like Thailand.

After a spate of bankruptcies in the past few years, the market is evenly divided between three larger tour operators, most of them at least partly foreign owned.

"There aren't really any more purely Estonian owned tour operators on the local market. It's international companies that are organizing the travel from Estonia," Sven Lõoke, president of the Association of Tourism Companies, told

Last year still saw a few bankruptcies, he said, but in general travel agents are in good financial shape.

Since a growing market is distributed among many companies, no major price fluctuations are expected. This year it has been the Finnish tour operators who have come down in price, said Novatours CEO Andree Uustal.

"Maybe the Finnish economy is different, not as optimistic as it is here," said Uustal, who said he thought Finns would travel less in 2014 as a result.