Estonia Admitted 7 Asylum Seekers Last Year ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonia granted asylum to seven of 97 applicants in 2013.

By nationality, there were two Syrians, two Russians, and one person each from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Belarus, a spokeswoman for the Police and Border Guard told Postimees.

Three family members - relatives of the Afghan, Pakistani and one of the Russians - also were admitted.

Of the asylum seekers, the greatest number were Vietnamese passport holders (26), Syrians (17), Russians (14), Georgians (9) and Pakistanis (8)

As of December 31, the agency was in the process of reviewing 47 applications.

By comparison, 77 asylum applications were received in 2012, of which 8 were granted, according to statistics from the Police and Border Guard Board.

The number of applications has risen sharply in recent years, climbing from fewer than 15 per year from 2001 through 2009 to 66 in 2011. Despite the increase, Estonia remains among the least popular destinations in Europe for asylum seekers.