Edelaraudtee: We Have Trains and Staff Ready to Help Elron ({{commentsTotal}})


Rail passenger service provider Edelaraudtee, which ran intercity lines in the country until the beginning of this year, has said it has the means to help out the state after the new service provider, state-owned Elron, has had a number of problems.

A spokesman for the company told Postimees on Tuesday that it is ready to provide trains and staff immediately, adding that the cost to the state would be lower than what it currently pays Elron for operating the lines.

Elron, which took over the lines with brand new Stadler trains on January 1, has had setbacks, with critics saying the trains are too short and overcrowded. Problems with timetables and online ticket sales have also surfaced.

Edelaraudtee had serviced the lines for the previous 17 years, ferrying 33 million passengers. The company has cried foul over the government's early termination of its contract and awarding the service tender to its state-owned competitor. Its trains are currently said to be destined for the scrap heap.