Newspapers Lay Off Veteran Staff ({{commentsTotal}})

2014 has opened with a spate of firings at newspapers, with the names including prominent journalists and photographers who can nearly be considered institutions.

Yesterday, Postimees sacked photographer Peeter Langovits, who has received one of the country's highest decorations from the president, and fellow photographer Toomas Huik, both of whom have been with the paper since the mid-1990s.

Postimees also laid off its photo editor.

Eesti Päevaleht laid off veteran science writer Tiit Kändler and two other leading journalists, it was reported two days ago.

Mart Luik, the publisher of Postimees, said that the restructuring was a natural part of operations at a large paper. "People come and go and the team there is now staffed in a little different manner," Luik told

Pointing to the example of the state-funded culture weekly Sirp, where an attempt was made to hire an editor from outside the system, media observers say many established papers are currently aiming to shake up their ranks and become more commercially oriented.