Neeme Raud to Take Post as ERR's Moscow Correspondent ({{commentsTotal}})

ERR's new man in Moscow will be Neeme Raud, known to many as the organization's longtime American correspondent.

Since returning from the US in April, Raud has been editing the news and providing commentary at Vikerraadio. He also has a new program on ETV, called "Lähetus" (Mission Abroad), which looks at what Estonia is up to internationally. The first episode will be on Moscow and Russia themes.

Raud attended university in Moscow after graduating secondary school in then still Soviet Estonia.

After visiting Russia recently for the ETV segment, Raud said: "Although Russia has changed much in 25 years, I recognized something there that was characteristic from that time. So there was some nostalgia. Not that there's any point in going there with rose-colored glasses, of course. Being a journalist there is difficult - it won't be a simple 'mission abroad' but a challenge." 

Raud will assume the post in late summer.

Outside Estonia, ERR has correspondents in Moscow, Brussels and Washington.