Runaway Conscript Takes Off Again ({{commentsTotal}})

Jaan Pikhof, a 23-year-old Defense Forces conscript who disappeared from a military exercise with his firearm in November but was later found after a major search operation, has gone AWOL again.

The soldier's first disappearance resulted in a search involving over 500 people, dogs and a helicopter, covering roughly 180 square kilometers of land, but police found the man the following day at his home in Rakvere municipality.

Pikhof, who received a one year suspended sentence in November, had ditched his Galil AR rifle in a forest outside the military base.

This time around, the conscript failed to return from a Christmas holiday, and has been missing over five days now. Pikhof, who has not been entrusted with a firearm since the last incident, is likely to face court and a real prison term, Delfi reported on Friday.