Center Party Success Poses Threat to Estonia's National Interests, Says IRL Chairman ({{commentsTotal}})

Urmas Reinsalu
Urmas Reinsalu Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

IRL Chairman and Minister of Defense Urmas Reinsalu said that he will work to keep the current administration in power and keep Center Party head Edgar Savisaar from gaining control of the Estonian government.

“The Center Party received in total fewer votes [at the 2013 local elections] compared with 2009, but even if the votes of non-citizens are subtracted, the Center Party would have won a parliamentary election on October 20, which is something I can not allow,” Reinsalu told Postimees in an interview on Tuesday.

"I think it [the Center Party's growing popularity] is a very dangerous current for Estonia's national interests," he said.

Speaking about the new political party currently being formed by Andres Herkel, Reinsalu said that the group has been gathering momentum after the local elections [in which it won seats in Tartu, but narrowly missed out in Tallinn] and if it continues with its pro-Estonia approach, it could be a substantial ally to IRL.