Herkel's New Party Will Pass Parliamentary Threshold, Says Former Politician ({{commentsTotal}})

Olari Taal
Olari Taal Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

Businessman and co-founder of Res Publica, Olari Taal, has said that he has no doubt that Andres Herkel's as-yet-unnamed new political party will pass the minimum voter threshold at the parliamentary elections next year.

He told Postimees on Monday that Estonia's political landscape has room for more than one new party, as nearly half of voters recognize the need for extensive state reform.

Ex-IRL MP Herkel announced on Sunday his intention to move ahead with plans to build a political party from the election coalition Free Patriotic Citizen and the NGO A Better Estonia.

Taal said that the two groups bring together both the support, in the case of Free Patriotic Citizen, and the administrative and organizational skills, in the case of A Better Estonia, that are needed to create a successful political force. He said that if the two work well together, it will spell rainy days for IRL and the Reform Party.