Population Pegged at 1.31 Million After Upward Adjustments, Last Year's Natural Decline ({{commentsTotal}})

Statistics Estonia has announced the adjusted estimate of Estonia's population as of the new year: 1,311,870.

That's 10,000 fewer than one year ago, when the figure stood at 1,320,174, the agency said on Friday.

Last year, 13,831 births and 15,474 deaths were registered, yielding a net natural loss of 1,643 people.

Immigration was 4,085 and emigration 10,746, resulting in a net figure of -6,661.

The figure of over 1.3 million may strike some as larger as the one published based on the 2011 census. That's because Statistics Estonia found that about 2 percent of the population went uncounted at the time.