Over 90% of Employees Willing to Switch Jobs for Ideal Salary, Study Finds ({{commentsTotal}})

A study by the Salary Information Agency shows that employees seek salaries that are one-third greater than what they are making, and that 94 percent say they are willing to change jobs for such a wage.

The gap between the desired and actual wage is highest among men between 25 to 44, and lower for women and younger workers, the independent survey agency said in findings released on Tuesday.

Manual laborers, operators of heavy equipment and truck drivers were more likely to say that they desired higher wages, while public servants were at the other end of the spectrum.

Kadri Seeder, the head of the agency, said that the gap increases when employees feel they have improved at their tasks. She said that a second notable reason is recent media coverage of average wage increases and employees' expectation that they should therefore also be in line for a raise.