Briefs, SUV Edition: Estonia's Amphibear in Forced Hibernation, Pärnu Bay Swallows Vehicles ({{commentsTotal}})

Amphibear, the Estonian custom-built amphibious SUV that is on an around-the-world trip, has run into troubles, with the vehicle currently impounded by Brazilian authorities.

Driver - or sailor - Mait Nilson was rescued at the end of December when attempting to cross the Atlantic Ocean. The vehicle itself was lifted onto a ship heading towards South America a few days later.

Both the vehicle and Nilson arrived in Rio de Janeiro a few weeks ago but he is not able to drive-sail further, Nilson said on his website on Monday. The keys are in the hands of Brazilian customs. Nelson said he does, however, have access and has began repairing damage caused by storms.


Four people needed first aid when their snowmobiles sank in Pärnu Bay on Sunday in two separate incidents.

In what was a very busy hour for rescue workers, they helped two people who had been pulled out of freezing water by fishermen when their snowmobile sank through the ice at around 14:30 on Sunday, Õhtuleht said.

After handing the men over to an ambulance crew, the rescue workers were again called into action, pulling another two snowmobilers out of water at 15:20, also handing them over to medical personnel.

While finishing that rescue at 15:35, the team saw a Land Rover sinking through the ice. As the vehicle was not in deep water, no people were harmed and border guards were able to pull the SUV out at 16:15.

Another man seen riding on to the ice on a bicycle in a separate incident disappeared and is presumed to have drowned.