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Andres Herkel
Andres Herkel Source: Photo: ERR

A new political party currently being formed on the basis of two NGOs could be named the Estonian Free Party, the NGOs have said.

The Free Party is initially just the name of a work group set up to form the party, the NGO and election coalition Free Patriotic Citizen said in on its website today.

“Our goal is to support NGOs, who should be the main driving force behind improving local life and the economy,” Andres Herkel, the MP who spearheaded the project, said.

Maario Laas, head of the NGO a Better Estonia, the second half of the new party, said that the party should not define itself on the left-right political spectrum, adding that it is more important to become a vehicle to realize people's initiatives.

The Free Party has a September deadline to hold the party's first congress.