Estonia Has a Government of 'Stand-Ins,' Says Former Politician ({{commentsTotal}})

Businessman and former Mayor of Tallinn Jüri Mõis said that the current Cabinet is made up of indecisive stand-ins, who are more concerned with securing lucrative Brussels jobs than solving the nation's problems.

Speaking to Äripäev on Thursday, Mõis said that the first 'dirty trick' was Mart Laar's promotion to head the supervisory board of the Bank of Estonia, while the current problem is the indecisiveness surrounding the LNG terminal.

Mõis said that IRL and the Reform Party are playing for high stakes, as whichever party lands the EU commissioner post, they will also form a team of 30 highly-paid Eurocrats.

“The people who make up the Cabinet were there around the year 2000, when I was active in politics, and then they left an impression on eternal substitutes, career politicians, who are suitable for ambassador positions, but would have a hard time as ministers, where independent decisions must be made,” Mõis said.