ERR Correspondent in Ukraine: Situation Tense ({{commentsTotal}})

ERR correspondent Astrid Kannel, who is in Kyiv, said that the opposition has rejected an offer by President Viktor Yanukovych and the riots could escalate very quickly.

Speaking on ETV on Sunday evening, Kannel said many of the protestors are belligerent, while many are also tired as they have been at the barricades for a while and none of their demands have been met.

Kannel said that the government could agitate the protestors to begin a larger conflict at any time.

Sulev Kannik, the Estonian Ambassador in Kyiv, told Delfi on Sunday that if previously the situation Ukraine could change in three months, then in three weeks or days, then now changes could happen in three hours.

He said that according to polls, President Yanukovych is still the nation's most popular politician, adding that it is difficult to judge the overall mentality of a 46-million population country.

Estonian Defense Minister Urmas Reinsalu said that the Ukraine question has developed from one of European integration to one of maintaining a functioning society and state, and Europe must be united and resolute in its actions.

Reinsalu told Postimees on Sunday that in the opinion of his party, IRL, and that of the European Parliament's largest group, the European People's Party, snap presidential elections should be held to settle the political deadlock.