Fish Ban Could Hurt Russian Industry ({{commentsTotal}})

Russia's partial ban on Estonian fish exports could end up hurting Russia itself, as fish processing factories are running out of raw materials.

The head of the Russian Fish Union, Sergei Gudkov, told ETV on Tuesday that the fish season is in high gear right now, but raw fish stocks, which are processed and canned in Russia, could only last until February.

Gudkov said that sprat stocks are of particular concern, with one factory planning to lay off 70 employers, having no other source of the Baltic Sea fish.

Rosselkhoznadzor, the Russian veterinary surveillance office, imposed a ban on an number of companies starting on January 9, which failed an inspection in October.

Gudkov said that Estonian veterinary authorities must be proactive in checking the companies and compiling a report to Rosselkhoznadzor.

The head of the Estonian Veterinary and Food Board, Ago Pärtel, said a report will be forwarded to the Russian authorities in the next few days.