Reinsalu: No One Has Made Any Demands Concerning Kross ({{commentsTotal}})

Defense Minister Urmas Reinsalu has denied that he or other officials had been pressured in any way to keep a fellow party member out of senior office, contrary to a daily's reports that Eerik-Niiles Kross was on some sort of blacklist. 

Kross, the son of late writer Jaan Kross and well-connected in international business and intelligence circles, was alleged to be flagged as someone who is not to be given clearance for Estonian and NATO secrets.

Speaking in Parliament, Reinsalu said: "My unquivocal position as to that Eesti Päevaleht claim that the defense minister has promised the United States that Kross will never get state secret clearance in Estonia is that it is not true."

Kross has long been a member of the defense minister's advisory council, but has not needed clearance.

"Kross has clearly stated there are obstacles if he needed clearance as part of his job in the future, so he can apply for it and the Internal Security Service will process the application."

"No institutions have presented to me any official demands about Kross's status as a servant of the Estonian state or what his rights are," said Reinsalu.