'Top Gear' Road Exceptionally Slippery This Year ({{commentsTotal}})

The ice road to the island of Vormsi, which became famous last year when a crew from the British motor show Top Gear went for a spin on the 10 km route, has opened to cars under two tons laden mass, but drivers may need near-professional skills to negotiate it.

The surface of the road is nearly free of snow, ETV reported, and extremely slick thanks to the long period of calm, dry weather.

Road Administration specialist Urmas Robam said: "It's still covered with a coat of hoarfrost, but that will wear off right away with the first motorists."

The road to the island, known for its Swedish-tinged place names and cultural particularities, is open from 7:30 to 17:30, and like all ice roads must be traveled on at under 25 kph or between 40-70 kph. 

Those who are wondering, in the spirit of Top Gear, "how hard can it be?" but don't want to drive on water can go to the rally ice track in Laitse to brush up on their skills on tractionless conditions. The ice track, which is in Harju County just off the road leading to Haapsalu and the Vormsi ice road, is free of charge and open to the public.