'Political Farce' About Transnistria Is Local DocPoint Festival Opener ({{commentsTotal}})

This year's DocPoint, a film festival taking place on both sides of the Gulf of Finland, looks at socially and politically charged themes but also features lyrical arthouse documentaries.

The festival opened on Tuesday in Helsinki and has now arrived in Tallinn with a sampling of the year's best documentaries from around the world.

"The program is longer in Helsinki, with over 100 films; we have 35," said Kaarel Kuurmaa, the organizer, on ETV. "But I think we have the cream of the crop."

An Estonian film opens the festival for the first time this year - Meelis Muhu and Kristina Norman's "PMR," about the Moldovan, though disputed, region of Transnistria, caught between different interests and dislocated from its would-be "motherland," Russia.

"If you look at the present day in that region and political developments in the neighborhood - Ukraine, Moldova, it was and remains salient," Meelis Muhu told ETV.

The film is provocative, though - a political farce, critic Tristan Priimägi has said.

Muhu agreed. "There's laughter and humour, but it's painful laughter."

International guests at this year's festival include one of Russia's most acclaimed documentarians, Vitaly Mansky and Swedish-Estonian film-maker Linda Västrik.

The festival runs until Sunday.