Soviet WWII Bomber Dug Out of Northeastern Marsh ({{commentsTotal}})

An operation to dig up a Soviet bomber which was shot down in 1944 has begun near Narva.

The Pe-2 dive bomber was shot down by German fighter planes in March 1944. One of the historians involved in the excavation, Daniil Galitski of the Kamerad Search and History Club, saying that all the details of the battle are documented, ETV reported on Friday.

The wreckage, which is buried five meters underground, was found recently using a magnetometer.

The engine and the front machine gun have already been retrieved by the search team, which is being led by the Kamerad organization, with help by the National Heritage Board and the War Museum.

Dmitri Šutov of Kamerad said that any weapons or parts of the plane recovered will be handed over to a museum.