Ojuland's Party Serves Her Private Interests, Says Expert ({{commentsTotal}})

Janek Mäggi
Janek Mäggi Source: Photo: Postimees/Scanpix

MEP Kristiina Ojuland's new political venture is geared toward filling her own ambitions, says public relations expert Janek Mäggi.

“The political party being founded by Kristiina Ojuland stems from her private desire to be reelected to the European Parliament or Riigikogu, not from a broad public interest,” Mäggi told Delfi on Sunday

Mäggi said that another notable dimension is Ojuland's thirst for revenge against PM Andrus Ansip, who played a part in her ejection from the Reform Party last year.

The game around the party's name has brought her much media coverage, but that will not translate into votes, Mäggi said, adding that it will probably have an opposite effect.

He said that Estonia has many "groups of friends" who are thinking about going into politics and taking power, adding that some are groups formed inside of political forces, others could come from outside.