This Week's Weather: Warm and Warmer, Relatively Speaking ({{commentsTotal}})

After a sharp drop in temperatures caused short delays at Tallinn Airport yesterday, the weather continues to be mild compared to last month's cold snap, with daytime temperatures ranging mostly from -5 to 0 C and expected to get warmer still by the end of the week.

Some snow and sleet is expected throughout the country Monday night, with the likelihood of precipitation diminishing during the day on Tuesday. Daytime temperatures are expected to be -1 to +1 C but nighttime readings should fall to the -14 to -8 C range, according to the Meteorology and Hydrology Institute.

Wednesday will see a moderate southern wind and temperatures ranging from -7 to -2 C during the day and falling to -12 to -6 C at night, dipping as low as -15 C in eastern Estonia. 

By Thursday, the eastern edge of a cyclone in the west will reach Estonia, but the country should remain mostly precipitation-free. Daytime temperatures are predicted to range from -6 to -1 C, while the effects of the system keep the mercury at -5 to 0 C that night. 

Friday brings some snow and sleet, which could come down as rain in the western part of the country. Temperatures should range from -1 to +2 C during the day and drop only a couple of degrees after dark.