Ojuland's Party-in-Waiting to Abandon Controversial Name ({{commentsTotal}})

The nascent party of MEP and former Reform Party minister Kristiina Ojuland said it will not take Ühtne Eesti (United Estonia) as its name due to the controversy the plan has created.

Andrus Soopalu, a representative of the founding members of the party, said that the decision was made due to the negativity triggered by the use of the name, not because “someone told us not to use the name," Delfi reported.

Ühtne Eesti is also the name of a fictional party created by the alternative theater NO99 in a 2010 performance that skewered the political establishment. The theater has been highly critical of attempts to use the name, and has registered it as a trademark.

According to Soopalu, the decision was made after consulting with lawyers and a consensus was reached among party members. However, he maintained that the trademark only covers business activities, but the Political Parties Act forbids parties from engaging in any commercial activities, and he maintains that therefore taking the name would be perfectly legal.

Another founding member, Indrek Vimberg, said the new name would retain the word "unity" in some form.