Russian Media Source: 2006 Olympics Doping Re-Test Positive for at Least One Estonian ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: (Postimees/Scanpix)

Russian sports website Ves Sport reported yesterday that "one or two" Estonian cross-country skiers have failed re-tests on samples taken during the 2006 Turin Olympic Games, and Estonian doping authorities have confirmed that they have heard similar rumors.

The Russian website said that it did not have the names, and that the official findings would be published after the Sochi games.

The head of the Estonian Anti-Doping Agency, Kristjan Port, told Delfi today that he has heard from a number of unofficial sources that the news will be published after the current games, as it involves only athletes who are not competing in Sochi. He added that the International Ski Federation and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) have remained tight-lipped on the subject.

Jaak Mae, the current head of the Estonian Ski Association, who also participated in the 2006 games, said that his association has received no official information on the matter.

Ves Sport said that four re-tests showed the use of banned substances, belonging to either one or two athletes from one nation.

Estonia sent 28 athletes to the 2006 games, among them 14 cross-country skiers. One of them was Andrus Veerpalu, who retired from the sport in 2011 under a cloud of suspicion about doping violations. 

More bad news for Veerpalu

In a separate development, the Olympic gold medalist, who was cleared of doping charges last year, could have his trial reopened.

The head of WADA, David Howman, told Õhtuleht on Wednesday that new stricter standards, that would have found Veerpalu guilty, will be put into effect soon.

He also said the organization could re-test old samples using the new norms, after having said the opposite on Monday.