Parts Meets Indian Counterpart, Pirate Hunter Case and IT Discussed ({{commentsTotal}})

Economic Affairs Minister Juhan Parts is in India for talks with Indian cabinet minister Kapil Sibal, focusing on the court case of Estonian pirate hunters and IT co-operation between the two countries.

Parts gave an update on recent developments in the case of the 14 Estonians detained for their involvement in private anti-piracy operations, and stressed the importance of the issue, while Sibal, the justice minister, expressed hope for a hasty resolution of the case, the Ministry of Economic Affairs announced.

Foreign Minister Urmas Paet has previously stated that Estonian authorities can contribute by talking to Indian authorities and keeping the spotlight on the issue, but could never intervene in the court proceedings.

Parts and Sibal, who is also in charge of the IT and communications portfolio, signed an agreement to increase academic and practical co-operation in IT, especially on e-governance and cloud computing that would allow Estonian companies to offer their products and services in public and private co-operation projects.

Sibal made an official visit to Estonia in 2011. So far, around 150 people from the Indian central and local governments have attended e-Governance Academy (e-Akadeemia) courses.