Kaljuste Reaps Grammy Financial Awards ({{commentsTotal}})

The Estonian government today voted to award choir conductor Tõnu Kaljuste nearly 32,000 euros for winning a Grammy at the end of January.

“The Grammy is a US-based music record award that is the world's most prestigious and most acknowledged recognition. The award can be compared to the Oscars in cinema or the Nobel Prize for literature,” the Government Office said in a press release today.

Yesterday, the Tallinn City Government also announced a financial prize for Kaljuste and his team, dividing 15,000 euros between the conductor, the composer Arvo Pärt and the Tallinn Chamber Orchestra, whose performance helped Kaljuste win the award.

Kaljuste was awarded the Grammy in Los Angeles on January 26 for a choral performance of Arvo Pärt's “Adam's Lament."