Elektrilevi Weighing €850 Million Investment ({{commentsTotal}})

Source: (Reuters/Scanpix)

Elektrilevi, the nation's power distribution system operator, is discussing a 850 million euro investment that would make a majority of power lines weather-proof six years before the initial deadline in 2025.

Delfi reported today that a number of board members at the company favor stepping up investments from the current annual 100 million euros.

Only 15 percent of power lines were weatherproof in 2000, and that figure has increased to 50 percent this year, if the 850 million investment is approved, that figure would leap to 75 percent by 2019 and 87 percent by 2025.

Head of Elektrilevi, Tarmo Mere, said that he does not support the idea, as the company's loan credit is already maxed out and the scheme would mean a price increase for consumers, adding that large part of the system would have to be changed at the same time in 50 years, when it becomes antiquated.