TeliaSonera Finland CEO: Finnish State 'More Forceful' Than Estonia ({{commentsTotal}})

Estonian Valdur Laid, who was recently handed the top job at Finland's second largest telecommunications company, said the northern country is more forceful in driving through changes than Estonia.

“One thing that sticks out to anyone moving [to Finland] from Estonia is the fact that the Finnish state's force and lucidity in implementing its political agendas is considerable,” Laid said, speaking on ETV's “Kahekõne” program on Thursday.

Estonia is more liberal, Laid said, and has passed Finland in a number of developments, while the work culture is similar, due to analogous history of the nation's people and culture.

Speaking about the colossal wage gap between the two nations, Laid said that Finland has had more time to develop in the direction it wants, but Estonia has been on the same path of increasing national wealth. He said that gap in prosperity will not disappear overnight.