Report: Põhja-Tallinn District Government Behind Anti-Government Pickets ({{commentsTotal}})

The Põhja-Tallinn District Government, led by the Center Party, not only sent out information about anti-government demonstrations, but the staff of the government used their work computers and working hours to organize the rallies, as well as paying for sound equipment.

Deputy District Elder Priit Kutser and several specialists were involved in organizing and the plans were approved by District Elder Karin Tammemägi and the head of Center Party's North Tallinn Region, claims Irina Holland, the formal initiator of the pickets who has since left the Center Party. Her claims are bolstered by e-mails at the disposal of the daily Eesti Päevaleht and published in part in today's edition.

According to Holland, the pickets held in 2011 and 2012 would not have taken place without active help from the district government. Rallies were held to demand the lowering of utility expenses – an electoral promise of the IRL Party.

A recording of a district government meeting in early 2013, not attended by Holland, suggests Kutser suspected her of being an informer of the Internal Security Service (KAPO).

After failing to make the party election list in October, Holland formally left the party last Monday.

Tammemägi refused to comment the allegations. Kutser replied that art was his hobby and he has occasionally helped people with designing.