'Bad Typo' Creates Snag in CAR Deployment Bill ({{commentsTotal}})

A hangup that prevented Parliament from deliberating the Cabinet's initiative to send Estonians to Bangui was not due to substantive reasons but a mistake in the text, said Speaker Ene Ergma. Nevertheless, the Social Democrats seized up on it to attempt to block passage. 

Proceedings came to a standstill yesterday when Social Democratic MP Inara Luigas noted that the drafters had used the term "implementing acts" in the memorandum attached to the bill. That indicates what regulations could be enacted by the executive branch based on a piece of legislation. The bill concerns a decision, however, not an act. 

Ergma said at the sitting that although it was an "unprecedented typo," it was a minor mistake that could be corrected after the first reading and before the second reading. The Social Democrats nevertheless made a motion to reject the bill. Twenty-five voted to table the bill but 52 voted to continue the proceedings. 

If passed, the bill will allow Estonia to send up to active duty personnel to the Central African Republic until August 31 with five personnel serving until the end of the year.