Russia Increasing Soft Power in Baltics, Says Latvian Internal Security Chief ({{commentsTotal}})

The head of Latvia's Security Police, Jānis Reiniks, said that Russia is increasing its 'soft power' in the Baltcis.

Reiniks said the aim is to create a positive image of Russia, that can later be harnessed by the geopolitical interests of Moscow, the Russian-language website of Delfi's Latvian branch reported.

Russia is donating books to Latvian schools. The texts in question could mold the minds of the younger generation, Reiniks said. And Russkiy Mir (Russian World Foundation) has opened two offices, with plans to open more.

“This could lead to Latvian citizens believing that all is broken in Latvia, but perfect in Russia, and that political and economic cooperation must be conducted with Russia, even [at the expense of] giving up some things,” Reiniks said, adding that with the approaching Latvian EU presidency, at the beginning of 2015, the interest of foreign intelligence agencies toward the nation will increase.